Saturday, December 14, 2013

How to create a Wool Sleeping Beauty Doll

How to make a Sleeping Beauty doll with wool:

* 6 inch cotton pipe cleaner
* 4 inch tubular cotton stockinet
* some cotton, doll makers Jersey fabric for the skin (an old t-shirt will do)
* Sewing needle and some thread
* some colored wool of your choice 
* woodland wreath
* felting needle (optional)

Create the head
Sew on the skin, then place the pipe cleaner in the center to make the arms.  Be sure the arms are the same length.
Sew the skin around the arms 
Wrap some wool roving around your pipe cleaner  
Repeat on both arms

Create a shirt by wrapping wool of another color around the arms and body

Make a hole for the head in a flat layer of wool
Push the head through the hole, and over the arms in the front.
Wrap a small "string" of the same color wool around the waste nice and tight. 
Move the wool around to get it where you like it on the arms
Finish off by needle felting or sewing the hair, and drawing the face.
Place her on the woodland wreath, or anything else for her to rest comfortably on while she sleeps