Monday, December 7, 2009

The doll, a child's companion

The doll as a companion of the child

What does a doll do for a baby? It is his silent companion, who witnessed everything is happy - to be sad - laugh or cry to. This means that witnessed the child with his imaginative experiences, moods and feelings in the doll again, or even. The doll laughs, cries, is happy or sad.

Who is now the ever smiling face of a stiff perfect presents in detail shaped plastic doll that can understand that it is difficult for a child's imagination, such a doll zb leave to grieve. Waldorf dolls are designed for precisely this reason only very cautiously. Eyes and mouth are only hinted at, there are no long eyelashes, or googly eyes.

If a child with such a doll "communicate", the fantasy forces, they can literally participate in all life experiences can be - even in their emotional range.

The material is another aspect is the softness and warmth of the cloth doll, she is often put in the arm ... bedded with the doll ... is pressed and cuddled. it consists not of cold plastic but made from natural materials. Body and head are covered with solid processed cotton tricot, my Waldorf dolls are stuffed with pure wool. For the hair, I use either mohair or wool, but also smooth embroidered hair. The clothes are mostly made from materials organic cotton. My Fairywool Dolls can be washed if it is too heavily soiled .