Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I'm sorry everyone I really haven't been very active in my blog this is just one thing that's always been very hard for me trying to keep up with all these different accounts Facebook blogging etsy my website and so on I have a hard time connecting with a dead  object but my New Year's resolution this to stay on top of everything but still make beautiful dolls as most of you know Friday the 13  is my birthday and though I'm only 28 years old with 20 years of experience I treasure every day . tonight at 8 PM Eastern time I will announce the winner of Paisley I think that's the hardest thing to do when the number generator tells you this is the number I wish I could give something to everybody but unfortunately I can't . but I hope you will come to see me from time to time follow me and see what I come up with throughout the year and feel free to give me ideas of things you think would look nice on the doll and I will see what I can to and incorporate with my projects