Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mohair weft tutorial

Please use  the instruction for your personal use or on your dolls for sale if you are giving tutorials based on my technique please  be so kind and give credit when credit is due.that is the right way of sharing knowledge.   Starting today I will teach you how to make a wefted Mohair wig .  I want to make sure that you will be making the best wig ever. And for that you need brushed Mohair or yarn of your choice I just like brushed mohair and weft of your choice . And this is how you make a nice and tight wig . And you probably wonder how can I do that well is the size crochet hook I use the smallest I can possibly crochet  with it is a little bit harder but the end result is amazing you will not have any gaps and it will appear more natural so get yourself a small crochet hook and then lets start .
I c
Here you can see how small my hook is but trust me it is worth it 

it is hart to see but I first crochet into the weft about 4 and then I fold it over to crochet in the round
crochet two single stitches in one opening to MAINTAIN a flat surface

just remember crochet two single crochet in one whole till it measures 4 inches ,or what ever size you need
Just keep going in the round 
Depending on the circumference of your dolls head Measure the flat part, mine measures 4 inches That's for a 13 inch circumference on my doll and then I start to single crochet 
because  you only crochet one in each hole you're not adding stitches anymore and it should start forming a cap