Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Story Alexander Wrote

A Story Alexander Wrote

Once upon a time, in a far-away land, there lived a little princess. She took care of all the fairies, dwarves and other magical creatures of the forest. They loved her because of this. But one day, she was gone! No trace left, no evidence whatsoever. The villagers suspected that the evil wizard in the mansion on the dark cliff was responsible, so they went out to investigate. When they got there, they had to contend with various tricks and traps designed to capture them too! There was a three-headed wolf and poison tipped magical homing arrows and even a giant boulder, but they were able to get through it okay. In the deepest, darkest corner of the mansion, the found they wizard trying to get the magical gem off of the princess's necklace! Seeing the brigade of fair-folk opposing him, he grabbed his magic wand and waved it around, turning it into a blade of steel! Just when all hope seemed lost, the princess sneaked away and called her magical flying unicorn, who burst through the stained-glass window and kicked the wand out of the wizard's hands! Riding off on the unicorn's back, the princess and her friends flew off back to the Garden of Nature where they would be safe...

Meanwhile, the wizard, angry about his defeat, decided to play a bit dirty. He waved his wand, it sprayed a black flame from its tip as he twirled it over a monstrous ogre. It grew to gargantuan size! The wizard was sure that this would get the magic gem back to his castle so he could power his army of stone warriors to ensure his conquest of the Garden of Nature. A terrible black fog covered the ground as the wizard approached the forest from the wastes that he built his castle on. The fairies and gnomes knew what was happening so they prepared the defenses to keep the ogre from taking the princess. The trees swayed and the ground shook as the beast stomped through the forest, swatting away the arrows the brave dwarves were shooting at it. The princess thought of a plan. She would ride on her unicorn and have it stand on and fly around the ogre, dodging its attacks. As she did this, the dumb ogre struck its own head trying to get the princess! The wizard tried to convince the ogre to ignore her, but the beast simply fell to the ground, unconscious. The fog faded as the wizard gave up and ran like a bratty child back to his lair. The fair-folk cheered for the princess and her unicorn. The forest was saved!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to make Felt Strawberry

Lets start and make a strawberry:
This is what you need Red Felt or a old red wool sweater shrunk in the wash machine.Green Felt for leaves and green thread. Red thread for sewing Yellow thread for the seeds. Wool for stuffing and a stuffing tool chopstick works great. Scissors to cut out all your felt pieces as you see on the pic1.On the bottom of  the page you can print the cut out for your Strawberry you can always buy the kit on my site.
print this cutout for you strawberry