Thursday, May 26, 2011

Debra the Daydreamer

Debra the Daydreamer….

Debra spends her day on the Peach Farm dreaming….and exploring…What did she find?  A snail...she made it her pet and companion as she goes on her many adventures…Picking Cherokee Roses…and fresh peaches…frolicking in the sunny warmth of the Georgia sun…In her bright pink and purple outfit…She is awaiting a home that she can call her own…To take a rest and be able to have a Mommy to love her and her wonderful pet snail….Won’t you give her a rest and let her enjoy a loving home? Debbie is waiting…For YOU!!!


  1. She is such a sweetie, cheers Marie

  2. i love her. i grew up picking and loving cherokee roses. x