Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Doll Recap

Katja is all done and ready to go on new adventures with her new Mum 

 another cutie is coming your way I don't know why her eye is looking that way need to fix it 

I  don't know how people do it trying to run a household work at my business home school my son Facebook and then my blog. I don't like writing anyways not my strong point I rather create beautiful creations. I like to speak Through my work I guess I have lots to say Through my creations so here is a picture of a doll I'm working she's a custom little girl just going to a lovely home as soon as I'm done with her. Sometimes I sit and just visualize what I'm going to do next, my best ideas I get just when I'm about to pass out meaning just before I go to bed, it's like a dream there is just one different I'm  wide-awake that might sound really odd to some people but it sure works for me I will start drawing things on paper because I can remember the next day I guess  that has a lot to do with age LOL well here she is

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