Monday, April 30, 2012

Meet Ponette!

Ponette is tonight's upload she is all ready for her new home
work in progress this Ponette and she is 14 " I just love her expression sweet and feisty at the same time 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meet Smilla, my May Girl!

Smilla my May Girl

Love her Earthy feel and I 'm sure I will work with Liberty of London fabric again what a dream to sew so super soft

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Fairywool Dolls Mini

even yellow looks cute on her

lots of hair to style
Tonight's upload Schnuckums droopy drawers 

Mum where are my arms hurry I got an itch

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meet Katja!

Katja a FairyWoolDolls original Waldorf cloth doll
Available on Etsy
Katja a FairyWoolDolls original Waldorf cloth doll Katja a FairyWoolDolls original Waldorf cloth doll Katja a FairyWoolDolls original Waldorf cloth doll Katja a FairyWoolDolls original Waldorf cloth doll
Meet Katja is 12 .5 inches she is made in the Waldorf tradition with natural and organic material she is looking for this special someone to call her Mum Katja comes with a small surprise egg

Handmade Soft Sculpture Fairy Doll

I'm so happy with this work in progress that I had to show you a peek...

I really love making Fairies, they are so much fun.  Fairy Fee is like the first Sun Ray in Spring...shimmering through the trees, smiling at you with her happy colors.  Her dress is 100% silk.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Doll Recap

Katja is all done and ready to go on new adventures with her new Mum 

 another cutie is coming your way I don't know why her eye is looking that way need to fix it 

I  don't know how people do it trying to run a household work at my business home school my son Facebook and then my blog. I don't like writing anyways not my strong point I rather create beautiful creations. I like to speak Through my work I guess I have lots to say Through my creations so here is a picture of a doll I'm working she's a custom little girl just going to a lovely home as soon as I'm done with her. Sometimes I sit and just visualize what I'm going to do next, my best ideas I get just when I'm about to pass out meaning just before I go to bed, it's like a dream there is just one different I'm  wide-awake that might sound really odd to some people but it sure works for me I will start drawing things on paper because I can remember the next day I guess  that has a lot to do with age LOL well here she is